Class Descriptions

Group Fitness Classes – Strength Endurance/Interval training (45 Minutes)

Group Fitness class workouts are for everybody and are designed to improve your overall fitness and health. The classes cover strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and endurance! We’ll keep you having fun as well as being challenged to work hard in every class by varying the exercises, interval times, repetitions as well as equipment being used – no one class is ever the same, but are all planned and programmed for all levels. Equipment varies with each exercise session conducted and can include the use of suspension straps, boxing, sand bags, resistance bands, dumb bells, fit balls, medicine balls, body weight, battle ropes, agility training, running, etc. Max 15 participants per class.

Group Fitness Classes – HIIT (45 Minutes)

Our Boxing/HIIT class workouts are for everybody who loves to punch! They also aren’t all just about boxing as are designed to improve your overall fitness and health. The classes cover strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and endurance! We’ll keep you guessing at what combo is coming next and you will work hard in every class by varying the exercises, interval times and repetitions – no one class is ever the same, but are all planned and programmed for all levels. Own Boxing gloves are not essential, but are definitely preferred.  Max 15 participants per class.

Zoom Workouts

You get all the benefits of our classes without the equipment and from the comfort of your own home.  All that is required is a device with an internet connection, an exercise mat or towel, a small amount of space to move around in, your water bottle and some commitment to logging in and completing the workout with our trainer!  If the start time of the Zoom doesn’t fit for you, no worries, we have you covered there too, all Zoom classes are recorded and kept available for 7 days.  You just need to book your spot in the class and if you miss it, our trainer will send you a link to the recording!

Core and More (Strength Training) – Small Group Training

High intensity and interval classes aren’t always for everyone.  At Metamorphosis we emphasize that exercise can be for everyone no matter what level you are at.  Our Core and More class covers off, muscle activation, core and general strength training and is designed to get you moving correctly and confidently, showing you how to activate key muscle groups before increasing to any other activity level.  The class is a small group of 10.  This class is a great class to come to before dipping your toes into any of the other classes we run.  Or if you prefer, you can stay in this class for as long as you want.

Activation and Strength Training – post rehabilitation 1:1 & 1:3 

What happens when you finish your initial post injury/surgery rehabilitation with your Allied Health Professional (AHP)? Are you comfortable working out on your own or in the gym?  Activation and Strength training is designed to get you moving correctly and confidently in a small group once you have completed your initial program with your AHP (Physio, Oesteo, Chiro). To ensure you are moving through to the next phase of your rehab seamlessly, your Fitness Coach (FC) will attend your final AHP appointment with you or, if this has already been completed, your FC will correspond with your AHP to ensure thorough hand over is undertaken.  Please Note: Initial 3 workouts must be 1on1 PT sessions only.

Run Group Classes (45 Minutes – 8 Week Program)

Quality run coaching, variety, fun, social and supportive whilst meeting individual running goals. Each session will have a warm up, run component, sports specific strength training and cool down. The run component will vary weekly and will include either intervals, speed drills, hills, sand running, stairs, grass or track running all conducted over varying distances and interval times. This class is ideal for runners looking to participate in fun runs, triathlon events, from 3kms to marathons, or those just wanting to train regularly with friends & improve their fitness. Max 10 participants per class.

Beginner Run Group Classes – Adult (30 Minutes – 8 Week Program)

If you are just starting out, returning to run training, or just wanting a friendly environment to train in, this 0-3km beginner run group is perfect for you. We start with the basics, including posture, form, gait, core and strength training, before gradually working from 0km to 3km over the 8 weeks. Max 5 participants per class.

Fit 4 Kids Classes (45 mins) – 4 Week Program) Ages 8-11yrs: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Athletics

This program introduces and develops the fundamentals of running, jumping and throwing to children in a fun, team-oriented and non-threatening environment. Being limited to a group of 10 children per coach there is a huge focus on developing individual running movement, balance, agility, coordination, correct posture and acquiring life long run, jump and throw skills for each individual. Once these are achieved, only then do we increase the volume, while continuing to promote improvement in the quality of movement. Our game-based, age-appropriate activities maximize involvement and ensure lots of opportunities for repetition that assists with acquiring skills. Challenges and competitions are strategically implemented to ensure that learning is optimal, while also providing the chance to assess improvement when intensity, speed and decision-making are tested. To maximise the results of the 8 weeks of training a weekly at home program is also provided. Max 7 participants per class.

Kids Run Group Classes (30 mins – 8 Week Program) Ages 12-16yrs: Run Skills and Technical Development

During these sessions, assessment is made of the participants’ running technique, including using video analysis, before appropriate exercises and drills that improve strength, flexibility and correct movement patterns are determined. These sessions are suitable for 12 years and above, where focused intervention is required for injury prevention, rehabilitation or improved performance. Max 7 participants per class.

Sports Specific/Event Focussed Training

This training is for individuals wishing to achieve more in their chosen sport/event – run faster/further, improve throwing/hitting, agility, defence, offence, power, etc. An initial consultation to establish goals and training priorities allows us to prepare a program for your goals. Regular communication, feedback and program updates are then provided in the lead-up to your event.

Team Training

Team Training is the ideal format for a group of like minded individuals wishing to enhance their on court, pitch or field speed and skills, it is also great training if you just enjoy being in a team environment. Team training is for all levels of athletes, whether just the weekender, intermediate or higher level athlete.  To ensure maximum benefit of team training, a minimum commitment of 8 weeks should be undertaken. Within this program, all athletes will spend time being assessed using sport specific tests and benchmarked health assessments.  Further testing and results analysis mid-way and at the conclusion of the 8 weeks will also be conducted. Max 20 participants per 8 week booking.