Based in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs, Metamorphosis Fitness Coaching and Personal Training is unique to other health and fitness industry programs as it is centered around not only training you to become fitter and healthier, we also take away the industry garbage by not selling you gimmicky fads.  You will be trained to understand the how’s and why’s of exercise, forming good healthy habits and how these habits will then help the way you view yourself and still be able to enjoy life to the fullest.  This is not a 24 hour fix it, as 24 hour fix its DON’T work.  This is the Metamorphosis team working in partnership with you, putting in the time and the commitment to create amazing transformations from the inside out.

So say NO to fad diets, NO to programs that promise the world, NO to the media and marketing programs pumping crazy money making “quick fix” scams at consumers and say YES to realistic and achievable health and fitness goal setting  and YES to enjoying life to the fullest whilst transforming the way you view yourself and achieving those goals.


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